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As it's midway through the year, time for an update on plans for the remainder of the year and the story so far.

In May I had a successful test at Donington Park racing circuit driving MacG Racings “Taranis” Sportscar. It started out in life as an Ultima GTR but was heavily rebuilt by the team into it's present form and subsequently renamed “Taranis”. MacG Racing were offering taster drives for future endurance races which require a 2nd driver to share alongside the teams lead driver Jonny MacGregor. The power came from a 7 Litre Chevrolet V8 which is tuned to produce over 600hp meaning a very exciting ride would be in store! Starting off gently I spent the morning sessions getting familiar with the nuances of the car and getting used to the speed and power increase of previous cars I've driven. In the afternoon a clearer track gave me an opportunity to press a bit harder and try and extract more performance from myself and the car. The team were very impressed with my sensible approach, useful feedback and building my speed throughout the day, with an end result of being only a couple of seconds behind Jonny's time. I was very satisfied with my performance and the feedback considering I had never driven a car with even half the power prior to the test. They were also very thankful for looking after their pride and joy throughout the day! Some pictures courtesy of my brother Morgan can be found here:

Moving on to June, I raced in the 750mc in an ex work colleagues BMW 330 (a complete contrast to the Taranis!), the review of which can be found here:

In August I will be back in the 750mc but in the Club Enduro at Silverstone on the International circuit racing the Tracktime Solutions recently acquired Mini Cooper. My teammate for which is yet to be confirmed but will be an exciting new challenge as I've never raced a front wheel drive car before.

Later in the year I'm hoping to be able to get to race the Tracktime Solutions Radical SR3 in a couple of one off events as well as a drive in the fantastic Birkett 6 hour relay which we enjoyed so much last year. Hopefully more to follow in time!

Time for an update on 2016 plans, going into the year the plan was to race the Tracktime Solutions Saker GT in the Endurance Racing Series but sadly the series had to be cancelled. This was a bit of a setback and a real shame after the great races and friendly atmosphere of the paddock of 2015.

A bit of scratching around and negotiations with car owner Chris and regular teammates Phil and Andrew led to plans being laid out to enter the relaunced Britcar Endurance series. The plan being for me to do a handful of the longer races as a 3rd driver.

Sadly Britcar plans with the Saker are now off for the time being, a need to focus on car development before tackling the longer endurance races being the main reason. However, several other developments are coming together that may lead to an interesting year in a very wide variety of cars. One of which could be a very significant new challenge! More to follow in time...

On Monday 7th September I was lucky enough to be invited to help out on a track day for Tracktime Soloutions. I was to help a few new customers get acquainted with driving the Radical SR3 by both being a passenger with them and giving them a few hot laps as an "instructor". Lucky me! And them...

I was also able to get a few laps in the newly acquired Saker on it's maiden voyage with the team. Despite having to use an improvised seat in place of a proper racing seat, I was able to get an idea of what the car performed like. It had an impressive amount of grunt and pulled away from much more powerful cars no problem at all! Despite not getting much time to heat up the old tyres it handled sweetly and should be a great car to get stuck in racing with. Hopefully I'll get another go soon!

On Tuesday 13th I was invited by Tracktimes Soloutions to Snetterton to help with a few new potential clients and customers in driving the Radicals. I was to act as an "instructor" to help the clients learn how the radical behaves and drives with a view for them to potentially buying one of the radicals off Chris. After giving the father and son duo a passenger ride each and then act as a passenger for their initial drives, I left them to enjoy the car whilst offering advice and tips everytime they visited the pits. Clearly the experience went so well with them that within an hour of driving the car they were ready to talk delivery of the car! It will be sad to see the black radical go as it was the car I first drove back in February of this year to give me my first experience of a radical. How the world goes around!

In amongst this I was able to take a passenger ride with my usual teammate Phil in the white Radical and learn any driving tips that could help improve my own performance. Having established that I could carry more speed through faster bends and use the brakes more, I was able to have a couple of decent runs and felt my confidence grow further.

Next week I will be testing the radical at Silverstone in the build up to the Birkett 6 hour relay race where I will be sharing it with my other usual teammate Andrew. The Saker will also be racing in the hands of Phil and Chris on its race debut! Further details to follow!

Just over halfway through 2015 and many well laid out racing plans have been changed! The owner of the Radical SR3 which I have been lucky to drive in a couple of races so far this year is now looking to run a Saker GT to run in the endurance races next year. This is likely to replace the Radical for the endurance races with the Radical being available for Sprint races such as the 750mc bikesports. The Saker should be available from early September this and there's a possibility of getting both a test and a drive in the Birkett 6 Hour race at Silverstone in October. We will see where this could lead next year!